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Don’t miss out! Enroll your child in a summer of growth, discipline, and fun. Not sure? Try out our program free for a week before you commit.

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3 Martial Arts

Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo emphasizes high kicks and dynamic footwork. Our classes focus on discipline, flexibility, and strength, incorporating striking techniques and forms that enhance coordination and mental discipline. This martial art builds confidence and physical agility, making it perfect for children looking to develop both their bodies and minds.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This ground-based martial art teaches control and leverage, ideal for self-defense. Children learn grappling techniques which foster problem-solving skills and resilience. BJJ classes enhance physical fitness and encourage perseverance, helping students tackle challenges on and off the mat.


Our weapons training covers traditional martial arts weapons such as the bo staff and nunchaku. Classes focus on safety, proper handling, and respect for each weapon, while teaching students the importance of precision and control. This training not only refines their martial arts techniques but also instills a deep respect for the discipline.

3 Days Of the Week

6:00 PMTaekwondoFormsTaekwondo
6:45 PMJiu-JitsuWeaponsJiu-Jitsu
Classes are 45 minutes long.

3 Traditional Weapons

BONUS: Uniform Included!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are appropriate for the Sakubara Summer Special?

This program is designed for children ages 6 to 14.

What should my child bring to their first class?

Children should wear comfortable clothing suitable for physical activity. A uniform will be provided as part of the enrollment.

Are there any prerequisites for joining the summer special?

No prior martial arts experience is required; we welcome students of all experience levels.