Student Expectations

Respect the school. Respect each other. Respect the tap.

Students must:

  • Obey the instructors
  • Be respectful to other students
  • Not use crude or offensive
  • Not wear shoes on the mat
  • Wear appropriate clothing for each class
    • Official school uniforms
      • Only Sakubara Academy uniforms
    • Temporary apparel
      • Rash guard
      • Tshirt
      • Spats
      • Shorts
  • Not wear crude or offensive clothing
  • Keep nails short
  • Have long hair tied back
  • Not wear jewelry
  • Not have offensive body odors
  • Inform instructors of relevant injuries
  • Report any expected absences longer than two weeks


  • Payments must be made on time
  • Students that don’t meet expectations will be asked to leave the class
  • Any concerns must be brought to the instructors outside of class

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