Improve your child’s life with martial arts

The Sakubara Academy kids program is designed to help students ages 6-16 develop emotional maturity and a black belt mentality through age appropriate martial arts training. We teach practical self-defense techniques in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment.

My son was very shy. Now he has confidence in himself. He is now more outspoken

Armando Perez

Emotional Development

Our students learn how to manage their emotions in difficult situations, be self-disciplined, and work alongside others. Students are taught the importance of good character and integrity. Children who have these skills can set goals, overcome obstacles, and persevere even when the task is challenging.

Black Belt Mentality

Our students develop a black belt mentality to overcome obstacles. They become strong and assertive, and they learn to control their emotions. They gain self-esteem and self-discipline by working hard, and they feel proud of themselves when they pass the test for the next belt level. These are the same qualities that help children succeed at school and that adults use to reach their professional goals.

Sakubara Academy students practicing self defense.

Self Defense

We will teach kids how to deal with bullies or strangers who might try to hurt them. They will also learn to respond to dangerous situations, such as if someone tries to grab them on the playground or in the parking lot.



Learning Martial Arts in a family friendly environment where intimidation is NOT a way of teaching.

Jeannie Leyva

HECTOR is a very experienced instructor and his demeanor with the children is outstanding. He explains what he expects to see. Upon execution he will help the student if needed without scolding. Hector teaches respect. I would recommend his school to everyone.

William Stewart

My son Armando Perez was very shy. Now he has confidence in himself. He is now more outspoken

Armando Perez

I’m satisfied with my daughter learning how to defend herself. She still has a long way to go but, I like to think she will do great on martial arts, being able to defend herself.

Ana Cambra

More Than Karate

At Sakubara Academy, we teach more than just “karate”. We teach how to achieve life goals.